Acupuncture exists as one part of traditional Chinese medicine. Fine needles are placed along specific points in the body, which activate the meridian system in some way. In Chinese medicine, there are twelve major and eight “extra” meridians which form a network in the body. Hundreds of individual points run along these meridians, which act like rivers flowing vital energy or “Qi” to the different organs.

The Acupuncturist determines which points are needed in a particular treatment based on various signs and symptoms, which are found through palpation, observation, and patient inquiry. The goal of the treatment is to pick the right combination of points for the individual, with quality over quantity and achieving harmony and balance being the end goal.

Dr. Baum uses only the highest quality disposable needles available in his practice. Although some sensation during a treatment is expected, and even desirable, the Acupuncture treatment should not be painful or unpleasant and indeed, many patients experience profound relaxation during their treatments. Treatments can last from 15 to about 30 minutes of actual time with the needles retained.

Acupuncture is now well accepted in the West as an analgesic for pain. However, many conditions can be effectively helped with Acupuncture, such as skin problems, respiratory ailments, ulcers, digestive difficulties, and menstrual, as well as reproductive, disorders. These are just a few examples. Acupuncture has even been known to effectively combat addictive disorders like smoking. It’s even contributed to facial rejuvenation (think “face-lifts” without the scalpel).

Acupuncture can also effectively fight allergy symptoms, but in general Dr. Baum has found BioSet gives better long-term results for allergies.

If you’re interested in learning more about which treatment would be better for your allergies, please give us a call.